Friday, July 13, 2012

Fast Friday Hall of Fame

TGIF!  I should add an "A" in there for already because it seems like this week has flown by, much to my surprise.  Usually the first week back after vacation moves slower than molasses, don't you agree?  But, thankfully, not this week.

I haven't had any new dinner recipes to share with you because it's been a week of revisiting old favorites in our kitchen this week.  If I had one complaint (I use the word loosely) about being so passionate about food, it's that I'm constantly looking to what I can make next and  to the backburner.  That being said, it was really nice delicious to revisit old favorites, which gave me the idea to share some of them with you again.

Since its inception, the Fast Friday feature has turned out to be a popular one for this blog.  I went through the site's stats and hand-picked the five most popular recipes according to you and your mouse clicks.  Here goes!

5. Easiest fruit dip - I swear I could eat this for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

4. Grilled balsamic chicken - with all the tastes of pasta dishes and pizza but without the weight!

3. Sausage with tomatoes and goat cheese - simple, fresh, and so summery!

2. Two ingredient ice cream - no ice cream machine needed!

And, the number one most visited Fast Friday recipe is...

1. Mini corn dog muffins - I made these for my family at home over the 4th, and they fell head over heels in love with them!  You will, too.

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