Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Truthful Tuesday

I'm about to share with you something I learned about myself this weekend.  Make sure you're sitting down for this one. 

Regular Oreos no longer entice me.

Pick yourself up off the floor (hey, I warned you to sit down) and let me clarify.  I've only eaten Double Stuf Oreos for so long that the measly amount of cream filling in a regular Oreo no longer satisfies me.

I mean, look at this.  There is no comparison!  Regular Oreos:

Versus Double Stuf Oreos:

There's simply no comparison!  The cream filling in the Double Stuf Oreo is what I crave.  A regular Oreo has too much cookie to the small amount of filling.

I hope I'm not alone in my Oreo snobbery.  Maybe the recipe has changed over the last decade or two, or maybe the Oreo suffered a fate similar to the Cadbury egg, but I seem to remember regular Oreos having much more filling than they currently do.

It's also possible that this is a case of "was better when I was younger" syndrome.  That recently happened when I visited Idlewild Park over the 4th of July.  I raved about how great the park was and how much fun we had there during school picnics, only to find the current park fell short of my hype.

Have you had this happen recently with a certain snack or favorite place?  Seriously, make me feel better and like I'm not just an ornery (28 year) old Oreo crusader. :)

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  1. I hate downsizing. The Double Stuffs look like the regular ones used to. Nothing beats Oreos and a glass of cold milk.

  2. They still make regular Oreos? You would think that gluttonous America would've phased those out years ago.