Thursday, July 19, 2012

28 things to do before I turn 29

It's B-day!  That phrase has two meanings today.  First, it's Batman aka The Dark Knight Rises day/night.  And, possibly more important to at least me, it's the 28th anniversary of my introduction to this very world.  Weeee! :)

I can't believe I'm 28.  What a year it's been!  New jobs, new trips, new recipes, new friends, and new challenges.  I've watched some of my best friends get married and married my very best friend only a few months ago.  I'm so thankful for every single blessing in my life, big and small, and can't help but get excited for what's to come in the next 365 days.  Though I can't possibly imagine what's in store, there are some things that I'd like to make happen on my own.

I give you my birthday bucket list!

1. Attend the Vintage Grand Prix race
2. Go to Sandcastle water park before I become too old for it
3. Buy lunch (or ice cream) for a stranger
4. Sit for an old photo booth picture strip
5. Run another half marathon
6. Sleep in until noon at least once
7. Visit a winery for a tour
8. Make croissants from scratch
9. Go on a Just Ducky Tour
10. Ride a horse
11. Have a roof party
12. Volunteer at the library
13. Watch a sunrise
14. Learn how to make royal icing
15. Read The Great Gatsby... finally
16. Attend a German conversation club meeting and speak
17. Go a full 24 hours without a computer or cell phone
18. Watch "My Cousin Vinny"
19. Ride in a hot air balloon
20. Roll down a hill in a park
21. Take a European vacation with my husband
22. Learn to swing dance
23. Read an entire book in one day
24. Make pasta from scratch
25. Volunteer at a soup kitchen
26. Go to a midnight breakfast buffet
27. Make French macarons
28. Convert to a smart phone, finally (maybe)

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