Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Guest post: Homemade wedding card box "cake"

Today's post comes from a recent MOB.  The mother of this lovely bride, to be exact!  While I'll always think of Susan as my go-to person for all things paper and fonts (the woman knows fonts like I know food), she is quite the crafty lady.

For Julie and Bryan's recent wedding -- OMG, has it been 5 weeks already?! -- Susan made the card box to be placed at the wedding reception.  But, this was no ordinary card box.  Instead, it was a card box that looked sweet enough to eat, as it was a wedding cake!

My friends and I gushed about it at first sight, and Matt, being married to a crafty lady himself, even took a picture of it for me.  What a doll that guy is, huh?  I asked Susan to share her creative process just in time for the busy summer wedding season.  This would be great for birthdays, anniversaries, and graduation parties, too!

Homemade Wedding Cake Card Box

  • Three hat boxes from a craft store or website (I used 10”, 12”, 14” boxes)
  • Two small or one large bottle of acrylic craft paint
  •  Sponge brush
  •  One and one half yards of lace. (I purchased Chantilly Lace from Joann’s Fabric. Look online for coupons! There is less expensive lace, but the Chantilly is beautiful, soft, and easy to work with.)
  • Trim: I used strung pearls, but be creative! You can use satin ribbon, handmade bows, silk flowers, etc.
  • Spray adhesive
  • Glue gun
  • Box cutter or Xacto knife
  • Wax paper 
(Note: I found it easier to cut and then paint, so do the cutting first.)

Step 1: To begin, I cut a rectangle in the top lid, ½” by 7” for the cards. Then I cut circles in the base of the top tier and second tier, leaving a 1/2" rim to glue to the bottom tier lids. Then, I cut a circle out of the lid of the middle and bottom bases, again leaving a rim so I could glue the base of the top tier to it.

Step 2: Paint the boxes and lids with a sponge brush. I painted each piece with white acrylic craft paint. Be sure you put on light coats (3 or 4) since the paper box is liable to bubble with too much paint (but it will be covered by lace, so it's not a big deal). Wait at least 15 minutes between each coat to let it dry.

Step 3: After each piece is dry, attach the lace to the boxes. I used Scotch Super 77 Spray adhesive and it worked perfectly! You certainly want to cover your surface, work in a ventilated area and perhaps wear a mask when you do this, as it seems to get everywhere and is very tacky. I covered the lids first. To do this, lay the lace out and put the top tier lid on top, cutting a circle around the lid, leaving about 1 ½" extra lace around the perimeter. On the protected surface, spray the top of the lid and put it down in the center of the lace, making sure it is smooth. Then spray the sides of the lid bit by bit, cutting small slits in the lace as needed JUST UP TO THE EDGE OF THE RIM to be sure it folds nicely INSIDE the rim. Next spray the inside of the lid lip, wrapping the lace around the edge to secure it. Use wax paper to push down the lace and make sure it sticks, otherwise it will stick to your fingers. Last, cut out a slit down the middle of the lace on top of the card slot and adhere it on the underside. Do the same for the lids of the bottom tiers, except cut out the circle of the opening.

For the bases, cut the lace to the height of the box with a little extra to wrap over the top and bottom. Spray the entire box all the way around, lay out the length of lace and roll the base over the lace, like a tire. Spray inside each box and make little slits as needed in the lace to make sure it lays nicely when you fold it to the inside; do the same with the underside.

Step 4: After allowing the glue to dry, attach the pearls to the base of the top and middle tiers with a glue gun. Do the same at the base of the bottom box. This is a little trickier since you have nothing to lean against, so go slowly and glue as evenly as you can.

Step 5: Using the glue gun, put dots of glue around the 1/2" rim of the base of the top tier and glue it to the lid of the middle tier, making sure it is even all the way around. Do the same from the middle to bottom tier. I used medium binder clips to hold it together until the glue was dry.

Step 6: Attach flowers on the card box using a glue gun. I found these at the dollar store!

Step 7: Print out a 4x6 sign reading “Cards” or “Thank You” or the names of the bride and groom. Insert into a horizontal acrylic frame to place on top near the opening. I opted not to attach this permanently so the box can be used again with customization for the next bride. The project took approximately 5 hours over the course of a couple of days.

For more ideas, search “DIY Wedding Card Box”, visit Etsy for handmade (expensive) ideas for inspiration, or visit Weddingbee.com, click “Boards” and search DIY for card boxes.


Thanks so much, Suze, for the inspiration and step-by-step instructions!  If you have any questions about this project, leave a comment and I'll put you in touch with the artist herself :)


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