Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pizza... waffles?!

Just another reason why there absolutely must be a waffle maker in my future: pizza waffles!

[via here]

Bourbonnatrix (how much do you love that blog name?!  I bet she's a fun character!) adds chopped bacon and sun-dried tomato pesto to a savory waffle batter before cooking it in a waffle iron.  It's topped with sauce, cheese, and a little more bacon ('natch!).  What's that I hear -- a choir of angels singing?  Yes, that must be it. :)

What's the craziest or most unique topping you've ever had on a waffle?  Strawberry and blueberry blended ice cream at Oh Yeah! takes the cake waffle for me.  Man, it's been too long since I've been there.

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  1. Hi! Thanks for featuring my waffles! I just made chocolate ones for my daughter the other day, with whipped cream, strawberries and chocolate sauce. I really hope you get a waffle iron for your wedding! I love mine!

  2. Thanks for the great recipe ideas! Now chocolate waffles sound right up my alley... looking forward to that waffle iron even more :)

  3. I've never really had any crazy toppings on waffles. Just syrup or strawberries with whipped cream for me. That pizza waffle may have to be in my future though...