Monday, June 27, 2011

Party for one!

And who says planning a wedding isn't fun?  Matt and I had a great weekend, complete with a 24 hour period of rocking the heck out of our wedding plans!  On the agenda:
  • 2 (cup)cake tastings and, yes, we found "the one!"
  • Choosing a location for the rehearsal dinner
  • Our first meeting with the minister
  • Beginning our registries (its current status is "work in progress")
  • Purchasing wedding shoes (a last minute sale and thus surprise buy!)
We had a great time, especially Matt with his scanner gun duties.  The sales associate who helped us was a riot and totally got our attention at the beginning when she...

Threw a plate made of bone china across the floor!  Yes, you read that correctly.  After Matt and I recovered from our collective heart attack, she explained to us that bone china is super sturdy.  Who knew it was THAT sturdy!?  We spent the next few hours identifying our kitchen and home needs and putting that scanner gun to work.

Tip to couples who will register in the future: check your registries when you get home from the store!  There were quite a few items on the list that we hadn't scanned and therefore removed immediately.  I have no idea how it happened, but I'm going to gently blame Matt for trying to scan my backside (100% true) and picking up random bar codes throughout the store. 

After planning a party for 150 people, planning dinner for one was a cinch!  I was ravenous and had no patience for the oven, so I whipped up a sampler platter for me, myself, and Irene I. 

There were turkey roll-ups, carrots, whole wheat crackers, red peppers, and celery with a big scoop of hummus for dipping.   It was just what I wanted -- no work or fuss, a grazing type of meal, and packed with nutrition but light on calories.  After 10 cupcakes in a 24 hour period, I had to cleanse my system juuuuuuuuust a bit :)

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