Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Go green!

In the spirit of this new month of June and its already-sweltering temperatures, it seems appropriate to feature the second most popular recipe on this site: a cool refreshing green monster smoothie!

Perfect for any time of the day, really, and an especially satisfying post-workout dinner when all you want is an ice cold milkshake but know you need a little more nutrition to fuel your body.  The sweet banana and smooth and slightly salty peanut butter are an out of this world combination with milk and oats... and don't worry, you won't be able to taste the spinach at all!  It's just there for some vitamins and that pretty green color :)

Speaking of milkshakes, what's your favorite flavor?  Are you a traditionalist with a classic vanilla or do you prefer something a little more on the wild side?   From Red Robin (who makes the best milkshakes, by the way!) I always get vanilla.  But, from a place like the Milkshake Factory, I love the Orange Creamsicle and Mint Chocolate Chip flavors.  Furthermore, I've been dying to check out the new burger hot spot, Burgatory, because I hear their milkshakes are epic!!  I'm going to see if I can convince my future in-laws who will be visiting this weekend to go there so I can try a Milk & Cereal or Campfire S'mores 'shake :)  Like I said, I love my milkshakes.

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  1. I am boring and like the vanilla milkshake.