Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sometimes these posts just write themselves...

A funny thing happened this morning.

But, before that, something even funnier happened -- I went for my first morning run of the season!  Funny because I'm sure I looked like a zombie to anyone I passed.  At one point, I blinked, opened my eyes wide, looked around, and thought, "Wait... were my eyes closed?  I don't remember passing [previous streets]."  Regardless of how rusty I felt at the beginning, by the end I was flying and felt fresh, awake, and ready to conquer the day (and breakfast!).

Oh, and back to that aforementioned funny thing -- I may have forgotten one small detail.  In the middle of my run, I stopped at the grocery store.  To pick up...

A doughnut!  Chocolate icing on top, vanilla cream filling on the inside.  Be still my heart :)  No wonder I ran home quickly, huh?

And now, it only seems fitting that the third most popular recipe (according to you! thank you!) is traditional yeast doughnuts!

Why buy them when doughnuts are so simple to make?  And trust me, the freshness of these babies will make it difficult to enjoy a glazed doughnut from the store again.  So so fresh! 

While you get to making those doughnuts, I'm going to give serious thought to ordering myself this T-shirt:

[available here]

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  1. The only do(ugh)nut you need is a Boston Creme. Ever.