Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wave that flag!

I swear that Matt has one reason and one reason alone for enjoying this upcoming holiday.  Hint: It's not merely the celebration of our country's independence.  All that boy thinks about is flag cake!  You know, one of these numbers:

[via Kraft]

Calendar be damned, he doesn't care what time of year it is.  His birthday?  He'll ask for flag cake.  A cold November weekend when I'm looking for baking inspiration?  "Flag cake, pleeeeease!"  So, there may be a flag cake at my parents' house this weekend.  But one of these other patriotic desserts may get some attention as well.  When there are so many cute options, how on earth will I be able to decide?  Here are some super easy and quick ways to make your party treats deliciously American!

Flag cupcakes!  Actually made these a few years ago at a friend's 4th celebration, and they were a huge hit!  Very quick and easy: box of your favorite cake mix, tub of vanilla icing (or homemade!), and some Pull 'n Peel Twizzlers.  In place of the blue dots, we used a single fresh blueberry.

Who says sweets must be homemade?  Take a shortcut and dress up ice cream sandwiches to take them from ordinary to extraordinary!  Cut them in half, roll in sprinkles, place each in a cupcake liner, and store on a cookie sheet in the freezer until guests arrive for easy serving.  Everyone will be so thankful for a classic cool treat!

Just like sparklers, these pretzels will be gone in a flash few bites!  Have fun making these by enlisting friends to play with their food by rolling pretzel rods in melted white or milk chocolate and adorning with sprinkles... clean hands only!

What's your ultimate flag dessert?  Is the flag cake a party of your Independence Day celebration?