Tuesday, June 14, 2011

It's been too long...

...since I've shared something of miniature proportions with you!  My surprise day off yesterday was filled with fun things, namely a trip to the Strip District and the grocery store to pick up some cool treats.

First, a stop at Peace, Love and Little Donuts at 19th and Smallman Streets in the Strip District.  Donuts can be "groovy", "far out" or "funkadelic."  I went with the latter and got a Samoa mini donut -- caramel sauce, chocolate, and toasted coconut on top. 

Absolutely adorable and delicious!!  Win win!  Matt got raspberry lemonade and enjoyed his just as much.  A perfect little afternoon treat.
After picking up some super secret supplies for a friend's upcoming bridal shower (so lovely!), we stopped at the grocery store to get yet another treat that another friend told me about this weekend -- mini Twix ice cream bars!

Perfectly proportioned (about the size of a fun size Snickers bar, maybe a little bigger) and just enough to satisfy a taste for something sweet after dinner.  And, by some act of God, magic, or science, the caramel is still runny and smooth!  Amazing!

And, speaking of, that friend who recommended the mini Twix bars has a birthday today!  Happy birthday, Becca! :)  And happy Tuesday to the rest of you fine folks!

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