Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Restaurant review: Oh Yeah! Ice Cream & Coffee Co.

Another gorgeous summer-like day in the city, but not just another ice cream dinner.  Oh no.  A friend and I walked to Oh Yeah! Ice Cream & Coffee Co. last night in Shadyside on South Highland Avenue.  Talk about a novel experience -- ice cream personalized however you want it over a warm, homemade (I'm talking made right before your very eyes) waffle.  Go on, you say?  Don't mind if I do.

Walking into Oh Yeah! was a bit overwhelming for me.  I'm a tad indecisive and, when presented with multiple options for flavor of base ice cream, type of cone, waffle, and over 100 mix-ins... my heart skipped a few beats.  Oh Yeah! features Dave & Andy's homemade ice cream (the counter clerk confirmed this) and vegan ice cream ordered from an outside source.  Below is the chart of mix-ins available to you:

After sampling some of the raved-about soy ice cream (it wasn't bad, but truthfully couldn't compare to the regular stuff), I selected the vanilla bean ice cream for my base with blueberries and strawberries served over a buttermilk waffle.  The anticipation was killing me, and the smell of freshly made waffles certainly didn't help my yearning.  And then, my date with destiny arrived.  Look at this masterpiece of a dinner:

[the fork defeated the spoon in the battle of the appropriate utensil]

The ice cream associates use a blender of sorts to mix your base flavor with the mix-ins until a smooth uniform texture is achieved.  The vanilla bean with the berries was the perfect topping to a crisp on the outside, fluffy on the inside waffle, and had me wondering why I had never tried this combination before in my own kitchen.  Laura got the Betty Crocker, I believe.  Birthday cake ice cream with Oreos and something else of the chocolate variety (forgive me, I'm blanking on it now).  

[clearly unhappy with our selections]

Some other notes about Oh Yeah!... all of the ice cream is organic, and the coffee is fair trade.  For you coffee junkies, the owner (aka a genius) has set up a monthly coffee pass deal for patrons.  The interior of Oh Yeah! has such a homey shop feel to it -- wooden booth seating, notices of upcoming movie nights, and is even welcoming to your canine companions with doggie treats and ice cream available for sale.  For the record, my "dinner" ran me about $6 and luckily, Oh Yeah! accepts cash and debit/credit cards.

Overall, my first trip to Oh Yeah! was a success... if you couldn't tell.  It's unlike any ice cream experience I've had before, and I like to think of myself as a sort of ice cream renaissance woman.  The only problem is that I can tell the prospect of a return trip is going to eat away at me until I can decide what my next concoction will be.  That's a stress I'm willing to bear :)

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  1. When we come to the 'Burgh for gra-dji-ashun in June, I think we'll have to stroll by this shop and maybe, just maybe, go inside.

  2. Betty Crocker's Nightmare- they put birthday cake and cookie dough ice cream with Oreos and Brownies, it's my favorite!!!

  3. I'm surprised the owner let you take a pic of the mix-in board. He's one of the most paranoid people I've ever met and I've seen him demand customers to delete pics that he's seen them take, because he's certain they will steal his idea. Good ice cream. But I'll never go back again after seeing Rooster/Ethan interact with staff and customers.