Friday, June 24, 2011

What do cupcakes and laser guns have in common?

Any idea what the answer is?  My Friday!  And, a very happy Friday to you!  Let's get around to the Friday five... I'm really enjoying this little ritual, and I hope you are, too.

 [wouldn't this make an adorable centerpiece for a shower, too?]

1. I've got the day off thanks to working last Saturday.  I'm beginning to realize that having a weekday off is so incredibly convenient, especially when it comes to planning a wedding.  So many vendors are busy on the weekends with other weddings, so weekdays are prime meeting times.  Win win!

2. Matt and I are headed to the mall to take a crack at our gift registries.  That's right, it's time for the famous laser scanner gun!  (Ten bucks that Matt will be manning this weapon of financial destruction...)  I have high hopes for this adventure, but after talking with friends who've gone before us, this is to be considered a work in progress.  As always, I've done a little research and jotted a few things down so we don't let some all-too-eager sales associate convince us that we need seven kinds of glasses or 18 place settings of fine china.  If you have any tips from your experiences, I welcome them graciously!

3. If you're celebrating the first weekend of summer by grilling up some delicious eats, try this on for size: grilled potatoesDara at Cookin' Canuck shows how easy it is to jazz up a boring baked potato with the help of seasonal cooking equipment.  Looks absolutely delicious!  I can just imagine dipping these in some smooth sour cream... yum!

4. Two more cupcake tastings this weekend, and I'm hoping to find "the one."  Yes, I am incredibly picky when it comes to baked goods.  And, yes, this has by far been the most tedious part of planning a wedding.  But it's all relative since, so far, this wedding stuff has been a breeze.  Planning is only one of my very favorite things to do, so now I have an excuse for the next 6 months.  Plus, everyone from family to friends and coworkers have been nothing short of amazing lending advice and listening to me ramble... in other words, thank you!  And, as far as the cupcakes go, I think our guests will appreciate how serious we took this task :)

5. Wimbledon is underway!  Make sure to treat yourself to breakfast at the All-England Club sometime over the weekend or next week.  I've been watching a bit every morning, and it makes me miss competitive tennis so very much.

Have a superb Saturday and Sunday, folks!

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  1. Is it faux pas to register for a TV?

  2. Since when does Best Buy have a registry? ;-)