Thursday, January 2, 2014

14 Healthy recipes to start 2014

Happy 2014, friends!  How is the new year going for you so far?  I hope happily and well!
I've been off work for most of the past two weeks and vowed to unplug and truly savor every moment.  Matt's been off school, too, so we've hustled and bustled... and then been total bums.  We covered nearly 600 miles (driving, whew!) visiting family and friends in the days after Christmas before returning home to Pittsburgh.

We enjoyed a fabulous New Year's Eve dinner with friends at Kaya, marveled at the gorgeous winter light show at Phipps Conservatory, and seen both American Hustle and The Hobbit.  Plenty of time has been spent cozied up in our apartment, too.  Playing with new gadgets and reading new books, watching all the movies we could find on TV, and getting back into a routine of cooking healthy and delicious meals at home.

I love the holidays because it's a time of reunions with loved ones, near and far.  It's no coincidence that most of those reunions involve parties, dinners, and gifts of decadent bites, sweet and savory.  I indulged and enjoyed a bit of just about everything but am ready to get back to a healthy routine.  I'm craving fruits and vegetables, and I bet you are, too.  Here are 14 of my favorite healthy recipes to kick off 2014.  Balanced meals that are big on flavor and nutrition and light on the not-so-good-for-you stuff.  You might even be surprised by some of the dishes -- meatloaf, pasta, and even pizza are good for you!  Happy Friday, indeed :)

1. Strawberry banana protein smoothie

2. Super mighty & mini quinoa cups

3. Huevos rancheros

4. Beef taco salad with chunky tomato dressing

5. Zucchini pizza bites

6. Chicken, sweet potato & pecan salad

7. Protein lover's shrimp & spinach salad

8. Pumpkin & bean chili (vegetarian)

9. Chicken, chick pea & collards soup

10. Creamy avocado pasta with peas (vegan)

11. Slow cooker Santa Fe chicken

12. Lighter old-fashioned meatloaf

13. Roasted kale, potatoes & tomatoes with chicken

14. Easy frozen banana soft serve

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