Monday, January 27, 2014

40 Super Bowl party recipes

Whoever said all the fun ends after the holidays clearly forgot about one of the biggest excuses to party -- the Super Bowl!

It's amazing how one event can draw such fanfare and excitement, especially considering most viewers aren't cheering for their home teams.  We adopt a temporary home team -- for me, it's the Denver Broncos since Peyton Manning was my quarterback in Fantasy Football -- and live or die by how it performs for those crucial 60 minutes, cheering and trash-talking the entire time.  It's the American dream!

Well, what really makes it the American dream is how we use the Super Bowl as the backdrop for one of the most epic food celebrations of the year.  Football-watchin' foods are hearty, cheesy, meaty, and all things comforting!  While players, coaches, and downright insane fans are freezing their arses off on Sunday in New Jersey, you and yours will be toasty warm inside while enjoying the revelry and a delicious buffet.  Here are some of my favorite recipes perfect for your Super Bowl party.  Check back tomorrow and the rest of this week for 3 new recipes, too!

Small bites


Burgers -- make smaller patties and serve with tiny buns as sliders!


Chilis & Stews -- keep 'em warm in a Crock Pot and serve with bread bowls (no dishes!)

Desserts -- individual items that don't require cutting or chilling are ideal!

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