Wednesday, April 16, 2014

51 Easter Recipes for Brunch, Dinner & Dessert

Easter Sunday is just around the corner!  I can barely believe we're halfway into April, so this holiday definitely snuck up on me.  Some of the surprise may be due to the fact that spring seems like a pipe dream, thanks to the snowflakes currently falling from the sky.  Ahem.

Luckily, it seems there will be no accumulation and we'll be enjoying sunshine and daffodil blooms in a few days, as well as wicker baskets overflowing with sugary treats.  Hooray treats!  With dinner (spiral cut ham with the works) and dessert (all the candy!) taken care of thanks to my mom, I was put in charge of breakfast for the family.  My initial suggestion to subsist on candy alone was vetoed, so I've been combing through the archives to find a breakfast using real food to satisfy the fam.

After days of longing (and drooling, oops) over all of these recipes, I still can't decide what to make.  But, the silver lining is that I was reminded just how many breakfast options I've shared with you.  To help you in your quest to decide what to make this weekend,  here are 51 recipes perfect for Easter Sunday, including breakfast/brunch, desserts that use leftover candy, and a even a few recipes to use some of the oodles of leftover ham you may have in the fridge.

Enjoy and happy Easter!

(And, to my Jewish friends, happy Passover!  Try to ignore the leavened items for a few days; in the meantime, check out this post with recipes fit for Passover.)

Eggs & meats

Pancakes & waffles

Baked breads, casseroles, doughnuts & muffins

Granola --> make a serve-yourself buffet with assorted fruits, nuts, and yogurts

Desserts to use leftover candy

Recipes to use leftover ham

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