Monday, April 1, 2013

The Birmingham ome with ham, kale & black eyed peas

Rise and shine, sugar bandits!  I hope all of you had a happy and healthy Easter.  (To those of the Jewish faith, I hope you are continuing to enjoy Passover.)  We spent the weekend at my parents' and totally chilled out.  Enjoyed everyone's company, watched some hockey, played with the animals, and indulged on Easter Sunday with our baskets and the brunch buffet at the country club.  Perfect lazy weekend!

The only thing that could've made it better?  Leftovers!  Since we went out for the main meal, we weren't blessed with oodles of leftover glazed ham like we've been years that we cooked at home.

If you've got pounds of ham left in your fridge or if you can sneak to the grocery store to pick up a ham steak or two, this recipe is for you.  I've got a bright and delicious way to use it up: a Birmingham omelette!

(For other ham recipes, try a quiche, a frittata with asparagus, ham and potato hash, or split pea soup.)

What is a Birmingham omelette you ask?  An omelette made in Alabama, of course.  Ha ha ha!  I kid.

No no, don't leave!  I'll be serious. 

A Birmingham omelette is a dish I had several weeks ago at a local diner.  My good friend's mom was in town for the weekend, and we've developed a fabulous tradition of getting together for brunch on Sundays.  We've enjoyed crepes, French toast, breakfast mac & cheese, and frozen mimosas.  It's always a game-time decision, and we're always smiling and satisfied regardless of where we go.  This particular morning, my friend and her mom picked Ritter's Diner for our meal.  I'd passed by it nearly a hundred times but never stopped, so I was excited.

In the mood for something savory, I scanned the egg options and singled out one almost immediately.  "The Birmingham Omelette: 3 scrambled eggs with diced ham, black eyed peas, kale, and onions."  Totally unique and intriguing -- I'll have one of those, please.

Not only was this in the middle of my new-found kale kick, but it was also mere days after I'd had a discussion with a coworker about craving black eyed peas.  The only time I'd ever had black eyed peas was in Savannah and, for some odd reason, I've never had the chutzpah to make them at home.

The omelette came, and the omelette went... into my belly.  It was unbelievably delicious!  So bright and fresh looking and with such unexpected flavors.  I knew I wouldn't forget this one for a while, and I'd be making it at home very soon.

Salty ham, yummy kale that still had a hint of crunch, sweet onions, and tender black eyed peas.  If you don't think you like black eyed peas, well, you're mistaken.  They basically taste like beans -- mild and willing to be flavored by whatever else is with 'em.  Trust me on this one!

I was a little heavy-handed with the filling, so my omelette was literally bursting at the seams.  The silver lining?  That I could see all of the bright and savory contents of my dinner omelette!

I always love breakfast food for dinner because it tends to be really fast and easy, but this was an exceptionally satisfying one.  Hearty, packed with protein (eggs, ham, black eyed peas -- oh my!) and good fiber for a real stick-to-your-ribs dinner.  Add a slice of toast for good measure, of course.

I've never been to Birmingham, but if it's anything like this omelette, sign me up, y'all!

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The Birmingham Omelette
-serves 1

A few notes: No normal recipe since it'd read something like "hey, add this great stuff to your next omelette!"  But I will include the ingredients and quantities I'd recommend.

2 large eggs, scrambled
1/4 cup canned black eyed peas, rinsed and drained
1/3 cup diced cooked ham
1/4 cup chopped white onion
2 handfuls torn kale, wilted in pan with a little water over low heat to reduce volume
Ground black pepper
Toast, for serving 

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