Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday five: Oscar party food

Hey, hi, how ya doin', March?  I feel like I've lived an entire year just this week, and it's only Friday.  There's still so much fun on tap for this weekend, next week, and weekend.  I can sleep when I'm dead, right? :)

I guess it's fitting that the last week of the shortest month should be extra busy: booked a trip to Vegas (squee! more on that soon...), kicked butt at work, ran a bazillion errands, visited the ER, tended to a feverish husband, hosted a dinner, planned two parties, and threw the first on Sunday -- the Oscars soiree!

Yesterday, I shared with you one of the movie-inspired dishes made for our 5th Annual Academy Awards Party -- slow cooker chicken sausage and shrimp gumbo.  But, if you remember our past parties, you know that we go all out!  One dish simply won't cut it for our celebration, so we challenge ourselves to come up with snacks inspired by each film nominated in the Best Picture category.  (Don't even get me started on the increase in the number of films allowed in said category.)

We got really lucky this year because many of the nominated films were set in similar locations, allowing us to double up on some dishes.  I love a good party, but there is no sense in wearing oneself out before the fun even begins.

Without further ado, it's time to reveal the winners of this week's Friday five: Oscar movie-inspired dishes!

1. Argo & Zero Dark Thirty -  Veggies and hummus, since both films were set in the Middle East.  Easy peasy.

2. Les Miserables - Brie with various crackers and grapes, since the film took place in France.  As you can see, the whole "baked" thing didn't happen because I simply didn't feel like fussing with it.  Instead, I  drizzled a generous amount of honey over the wheel o' cheese.  Yum!

3. Silver Linings Playbook - Pigs in blankets a.k.a. cocktail franks in crescent rolls, since the film featured lots of football and football-esque snacks.  Would you believe this is the first time I've ever made this quintessential party food?  Cheers!  You know these were the first thing to disappear.

4. Amour - Candy conversation hearts.  Julie bought these after the holiday so they were on sale!  Count this as our obligatory silly item for this year's spread.  Previous goofy snacks have included giant marshmallows secured to peanut butter cups with toothpicks for Up, no snack at all for The Social Network (because someone stole the idea), and, my favorite to date, an (unopened) can of cat food for District 9.

5. Life of Pi & Lincoln - Oreo cream pie since... well, obviously pie and because this dessert features black and white coming together in harmony!  Look for the recipe here next week.  You guys are going to love how easy this dessert is!

A special thanks to my cohostess and the reigning pop culture queen, Julie, for all her help in brainstorming, shopping, preparing, and educating (namely for the red carpet segments).  Thanks to everyone who attended!  See you next year.  Until then, enjoy your Friday and kick off March in style! :)

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