Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday five: Easter Sunday treats

I consider almost every Friday to be good, but today it's the real deal as it is officially Good Friday.  Matt and I are heading to my parents' place for the holiday weekend.  We're really looking forward to spending time with everyone including my grandma, admiring my dad's newly finished basement, and, for me, getting a long overdue haircut.

So many good things on the horizon meant this week dragged juuuuuust a little, and I've had a slow start to a few mornings.  Since I've sworn off candy until Easter, dried cranberries and green tea have been my go-to items.  Luckily, Easter is just around the corner, so my fantasies about the contents of my fluorescent basket will become a reality shortly.

One of the many things I love about my mom is that she gets so into holidays and goes totally overboard decorating and preparing for all of 'em.  Overboard in the best kind of way!  It makes all of us feel so special to get a present from the bunny, even at the ripe ol' age of 28. 

The shelves at drug stores and grocery stores have been lined with treats in pink and yellow packages for over a month, so I've had plenty of time to plan my sugar attack for Easter Sunday.  Without further ado, here is this week's Friday five: my favorite Easter morning treats!

1. Easter "grass" littered with candy -- Paper, plastic, shiny or matte.  I love all kinds!  For as far back as I can remember, there have always been M&Ms in our Easter baskets.  But, rather than an unopened bag of them, my mom sprinkles handfuls of pastel plain and peanut chocolate candies among the faux grass.  Every year we complain about this -- "they're too hard to find!" -- but secretly enjoy the hunt, especially when we have otherwise emptied the baskets and find a few stragglers at the bottom :)

2. The Pioneer Woman's cinnamon rolls - Treat yourself, for sure!  This is a relatively new tradition, maybe 3 years old or so, but my family and I have become obsessed with these and talk about them all year in anticipation.  If you're looking for the ultimate cinnamon rolls, look no further!  Click here for the legendary recipe.  Ooey gooey cinnamon Heaven!

3. Delallo's pepperoni stick - While you won't find this in my Easter basket, you'll most definitely see one in Matt's.  That husband of mine is many wonderful things, just not a chocolate lover (more for me?!).  After his first Easter with us, my mom learned to tailor the contents of his basket to suit his tastes.  In addition to a pepperoni stick, she also adds Twizzlers, hot sauce, and one Reese's egg.  What's the most unique thing you've ever had in an Easter basket?

4. LCC brunch buffet -- Once we've made it home after church and posed for "nice clothes" family photos, my entire family heads up to the country club (the same where our wedding reception was held) for the outstanding brunch buffet.  It's always one of the most colorful and elaborate buffets I've ever seen, but I skip most of it and head right to the ham carving station.  Out-ray-jus!  Since this is our biggest meal of the day, we indulge and spend the rest of the day relaxing at home, playing with the animals, and, well, digesting.

5. Eggs of the following variety: Cadbury Creme, Reese's, and Whopper Mini Robin -- 'Nuff said.  When my mom asked for my "basket order" for this year, I told her the following: 1 creme egg, 1 Reese's egg, and fill the rest of the basket with Whopper Robin Eggs.  The latter are truly my crack.  I cannot and will not stop until the entire bag is gone.  True story.

Whatever time zone you're in and regardless of what day it feels like to you, I wish you a great Thurs... er, Friday and happy weekend! :)  And, an early happy Easter to those of you who celebrate, too!

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