Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thankful for an easy Crock Pot breakfast!

Heading out to the store for the last-minute trip to pick up the items you forgot?

Yeah, we've all done it.  I'll probably be there tomorrow afternoon with my mom.  Every year we make this trip and laugh at the things we've forgotten.  List of passed over items in the past include cranberry sauce, butter, onions, and even stuffing mix -- eek!  Any guesses as to what we'll forget this year?

From one forgetful Fran to another, here's one more recipe for ya to make sure breakfast isn't overlooked:

Crock Pot breakfast casserole!

Add a few more things to that list to have a fuss-free and satisfying breakfast on Thursday morning that'll hold everyone over until the big meal.

Bonus: It cooks overnight in the Crock Pot and won't take up any valuable counter space or pots and pans.  In our house, kitchen tools are at a premium on Thanksgiving day.

Set it and forget it until dawn, then scoop out a big helping and chow down.  It's like a breakfast lasagna with layers of potatoes, eggs, sausage, and cheese.  The perfect meal to fuel a day of cooking!

...and more eating :)

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