Friday, November 29, 2013

8 Recipes for Thanksgiving leftovers

Happy post-Thanksgiving, y'all!  Hope yours was delicious and Today is so many different things, and it all depends upon whom  you ask.

Black Friday.  May the force be with you, brave shoppers.

Cleaning day.  Because who really wants to do dishes on Thanksgiving night?

Gym day.  Indulge and enjoy!  And then sweat a little... so you can indulge in leftovers.

Decorating day.  Christmas season is officially here... squee!

Turkey sandwich day.  To many, leftovers are the best part of Thanksgiving.

But, the leftovers need not be boring.  Move over, basic turkey and mayo sandwiches.  Here are some over the top and creative turkey sandwiches, plus a few more recipes to spice up the mountain of turkey meat hanging out your fridge just waiting to be eaten

Not your mama's turkey sandwiches

Cozy soups by the spoonful - swap out the shredded/diced chicken for turkey!

Casseroles - simply use shredded white and dark meat in place of the original protein

Whatever today is for you, I hope it's enjoyable.  Savor the holiday weekend!

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