Friday, September 20, 2013

Fast Friday: Candy corn & peanut snack mix

Everyone have a nice week?  Sure hope so!   I've embraced the cooler weather with open cable-knit-clad-sweater arms and comfort foods.  Lasagna has been on my mind forever, so I finally made a pan of my favorite recipe, along with a new Italian soup that I can't wait to share with you next week.

As soon as the clock strikes "weekend!" we're hitting the road for a wedding in Reading (rhyme it, yo!).  Since we won't arrive at Matt's parents' place until late, I've packed essentials snacks for the car trip.  Hand-friendly food like fruit, sandwiches, and the most addictive snack mix in the universe.

A few years ago, I went on a bus trip with my mom and sister.  The woman who organized the event thought of absolutely everything, from reservations and behind-the-scenes tours to secret discount agreements with a few of the shop owners.  As if that weren't enough, she also picked the best road trip movies for a bus full of women -- Notting Hill and Love Actually -- and provided snacks.  Muffins and fruit in the morning, and what she called "candy corn crack mix" for the evening.

I didn't want to be that person and question her choice of names, but it seemed a bit overstated.  Looking at the bag, I only saw candy corn and peanuts.  I mean, I love candy corn and peanuts, but I didn't see what the big fuss was.

Until I ate my first handful.  It was unlike anything I'd ever tasted... almost.  The flavor was familiar.  I knew it but couldn't place it.  Many of the other ladies agreed it reminded them of something.

"PayDay bars!" said the organizer.

"YESTHAT'SIT!" we exclaimed.

Just like a PayDay candy bar -- salty peanuts studded around a chewy sweet candy nougat.  But without the occasional mess that also comes with the candy bar.  I'm told a string of caramel stuck to one's chin isn't the epitome of sexy.  Who knew?

Be careful, friends.  This stuff is highly addictive!  Even for folks who don't like candy corn.

I asked Matt to close his eyes and try a handful, and he LOVED it.  When I told him what it was, he immediately shouted that he hates candy corn... but loved the snack mix and wanted more pronto.  I guess that's why it's called candy corn crack mix.  Everyone wants more!

Being the sweet wife that I am, I agreed to drive tonight so that Matt could play with the Nook as long as he keeps the bag of this snack mix within my reach.  Give me the candy corn crack mix and nobody gets hurt :)

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Candy Corn & Peanut Snack Mix
-serves one to many!

1 (12-16 ounce) bag candy corn
Roughly 2 pounds lightly salted peanuts

Combine candy corn and peanuts.  Enjoy!  Store in an airtight container at room temperature for up to 4 weeks.

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