Tuesday, September 3, 2013

August, in pictures

Where...did...August...go?  June and July were just as jam-packed as August but seemed to stick around, whereas August practically slipped through my fingers... in the best way possible.  So much fun and so many new adventures!  A few of my favorite pictures:

First tomato harvest from Matt's rooftop garden.  Sweet as CANDY, folks!

Purple sky + rainbow = Most beautiful sky of the summer

Headed out for annual "Matt & Katy Day!" of the summer.

First stop was the Toonseum.  I've been in Pittsburgh for 11 years and finally made it there.  Locals, get there now!

...the Hulk demands it.

Treats to fuel our walk around downtown courtesy of Sinful Sweets on Penn Avenue.  Chocolate peanut butter pretzel for him, dark chocolate sea salt caramel for her.  Perfection!

Lunch at the long-anticipated and highly-acclaimed El Burro on the North Side.

Shredded chicken with pico de gallo and guacamole for her, and chorizo for him.  Holy sh--, this place is the real deal!  Best burritos of our lives, hands down.  Get there NOW!

Hello there, camera.

Annual Little Italy Days in Bloomfield

Dee-li-shuss ravioli, Italian egg rolls (zucchini plank wrapped around cheese, pepperoni, cappicola, and banana peppers and fried... mm hmm!), and cannoli.  All the foods!

Matt competed in his first Tough Mudder with some of his best friends.

They did a bunch of crazy stuff.  See for yourself.  I will never, ever do any of that.

But they did it and stayed in one (muddy) piece!

R.I.P. right shoe, lost somewhere in Electroshock.

So proud of all of them!

P.S. Matt fed a deer.

Let's go, September!

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