Monday, July 1, 2013

26 Dazzling 4th of July Recipes!

Because I can't wait until Thursday, let's just start celebrating now and change the holiday to Independence Week!  How 'bout it?  I don't think anyone would argue with honoring America for a few extra days.  (Somewhere, Matt is correcting my typing and saying, "It's 'merica!")

While we wait for family and friends to arrive, I'm rounding up some of my ultimate party foods for you to consider making for your patriotic bash.  My favorite part about 4th of July picnics, BBQs, and parties is that everyone contributes something and the result is the most eclectic and amazing spread of food.  No fuss, serve-yourself potlucks are where it's at!  Since burgers and dogs are an obvious staple, I hand-picked other recipes that will fill in the gaps and empty stomachs.  (If you're looking for some burger recipes, click here.) Enjoy! :)

Dippers & Poppers
-If you've got 15 minutes, you've got time for homemade appetizers.  Make, plate, and devour!

Sensational Sides
-Every single one of these recipes can be made ahead of time.  That way you can be calmly sipping lemonade and relaxing when guests arrived rather than doing the flight of the bumblebee kitchen dance!

Crowd-pleasing Main Dishes
-Burgers and dogs are classic, but I really look forward to is the variety of creative casseroles and pint-sized foods I can sample.  Think outside the box by making sandwiches but cutting smaller portions or pinwheels from wraps.  Also, Crock Pot dishes are no fuss ways to have hot dishes without getting sweaty slaving over the grill for hours.  Put out a tray of buns or rolls for serve-yourself goodness.  And make sure to keep cool salads chilled over a bowl of ice or cold packs.

Think I forgot dessert?  Never fear!  Check back tomorrow for an entire post dedicated to sweets!

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