Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday five: Summer staples

I know it's nearly a week away, but can we all just agree to consider this weekend the start of the July 4th holiday?  Because I'm mentally already on vacation time and don't have the willpower to turn this ship around.  'Kay, thanks :)

We're expecting a party bus-size group of out of town visitors starting next week and through the weekend, so Matt and I plan to do some cleaning and just lay low and play it casual.  There has been talk of mini golf over the past few days, so if we can find a place, chances are we'll end up there for a very competitive evening.  Loser buys ice cream, for sure.

Mini golf and ice cream just scream summer, don't they?   They aren't just luxuries but total necessities during the warmer months.   A few days without ice cream is like a few days in Purgatory, if you ask me.  I can't live without it!  (So much so that I'm salivating thinking about the gelato I had two nights ago: half Pay Day flavor, and half blueberry muffin.  Oh em gee.)  I started thinking about what else I can't live without in the summer and came up with quite a list.  For this week's Friday five here are a few of my must-have summer items

1. Ice cold glassware - Once a gal that could survive on water out of the Brita pitcher or even faucet, I've turned into that person who requires a glass full of ice with any beverage.  We're filling up the ice cube trays (two!) nearly every day.  I've even started keeping a glass in the freezer, chilled and ready to use.  To do this, simply run a glass or beer stein under cold water, inside and outside.  Place glass upright in freezer for at least 30 minutes until a thin frosty coating has formed.  Try with vintage ice cream goblets, too, for a dessert that won't melt on the spot!

2. Lightweight dresses - Or skirts.  Or anything that isn't clingy.  So far this season, my search for cute summer dresses has led me to, of all places, Target.  After coming up empty-handed at our usual stores, a friend and I stopped to pick up a few other items and ended up walking out with two dresses each.  For around $25, there are enough options to keep you in a new outfit every day for the rest of the season.  I've gotten so many compliments on them, and people are shocked when they find out the source.  Always keep an open mind!

3. Cuisinart Griddler - We've had this nearly two years, and I'm still just as obsessed with it as I was when I first received it at my bridal shower.  We use this almost exclusively as our means of cooking when it's too hot to turn on the oven.  Pancakes, eggs, burgers, fish, chicken, sandwiches, etc.  It does it all without overheating the entire kitchen (or you).  Plus, clean-up is a breeze!

4. Neutrogena Shine Control Powder - Sorry, dudes, but this one is for the ladies out there.  There's no other way to say this: I have a shine problem.  Regardless of how little or what kind of moisturizer I use, my T-zone looks like it's greased and ready for a bodybuilding competition.  I've heard about anti-shine powders and even tried one that was fantastic but $32 a pop.  No, thanks!  Gave this a try a month ago and haven't looked back since then.  It's translucent and invisible, feels light, costs around $6.  The powder keeps me shine free for nearly 10 hours, including a lunchtime walk outside in the humidity and a trip to the gym.  Miracle powder!

5. Melons - Did anyone else do a little dance when the first watermelons and cantaloupes appeared at the grocery store?  Just me?  I'm totally okay with that.  They are just so sweet and refreshing!  I'm planning to buy my first watermelon this weekend.  Since Matt isn't a fan of watermelon or cantaloupe (the man is straight up crazy), I'm responsible for eating the entire thing.  Throw in some proscuitto, and I could survive the entire summer on those three things.  Well... ice cream, too.

I hope your enjoy your weekend and fill it with fun summer staples! :)

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