Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Product review: Candy corn Oreos, part 2

Today's post is the second and final in the saga of the candy corn Oreo experience.  If you missed the first part yesterday, I suggest you check it out before reading any further.

(Disclaimer: What you see below is the unedited version of my tasting experience.  A real fructose play-by-play.  I'd planned to turn my notes into coherent sentences later but decided that I wanted you to feel as though you were there with me.  Please enjoy my slightly comical and hopefully-not-too incoherent musings!)

i selected one cookie
two vanilla cookies (think Golden Oreos)
double stuf quantity of filling
twisted apart halves
sampled cookie without filling
mild vanilla taste, exactly like Golden Oreos
i'd eat these cookies plain
(i'd venture to say that, ground up, they'd make a great cheesecake crust)
after one small bite of the cookie, i rejoined the two halves
and took a full cookie-filling-cookie bite
chew, chew

the cookies were decent but couldn't save the filling
that tasted vaguely of candy corn
but mostly due to the copius amounts of sugar
not necessarily the signature candy corn flavor that comes from the presence of both sugar and honey
filling a bit more grainy than expected
not good compared to the smooth traditional white filling of classic Oreos
taste was immediate
then very slowly faded
one bite of cookie alone and one bite of complete filled cookie
wanted to throw it away but pushed onward
sat and chewed until there was no more

gross aftertaste
drank entire 16 ounces of water
ate three pieces of real candy corn to compare
candy was definitely sweeter but smoother and more even tasting
put closed perfumed package of cookies out on the counter
and have walked past it at least a dozen times
not the slightest bit tempted

in summary
like al roker said, "it's just wrong"
assault on the senses: sight, smell, taste
save your money!
buy candy corn

So, have you tried candy corn Oreos for yourself?  If so, what did you think?


  1. This is hilarious! I used to work at a PR/marketing firm and we represented Nabisco and had to promote stuff like this so I enjoy a naughty a bit of joy reading such an honest review :)


    1. Thanks for reading, Angela! What an awesome job that must've been... did it include free samples? Ha :o)