Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Product review: Candy corn Oreos, part 1

Ever since I posted about the plethora of seasonal treats hitting store shelves, I've been dying to sink my teeth into one of these limited edition cookies.  On Sunday, September 23rd, 2012, I aimed to answer the million dollar question: Were candy corn Oreos really worth the hype?

(Disclaimer: What you see below is the unedited version of my tasting experience.  A real fructose play-by-play.  I'd planned to turn my notes into coherent sentences later but decided that I wanted you to feel as though you were there with me.  Please enjoy my slightly comical and hopefully-not-too incoherent musings!)

so curious
love candy corn
checked 3 target stores
finally found (for locals, the robinson town center location)
searched through aisles of halloween candy and seasonal foods
matt teased me that they didn't actually exist
two women overheard us and said they're looking, too
we made a pact to alert one another if one duo was successful
as i picked up a customer service phone to ask for help
women called to us having spoken with a target employee
cookie display at the checkout
armed with one package (at $2.99 apiece) and a bag of pumpkin pie kisses
left target a very satisfied halloween treat enthusiast
couldn't just try in parking lot; had to go home

once at home, no distractions
no tv, music, or even lingering tastes of recently eaten food
sat down and got to business

first impression
different than traditional and i suspected nabisco was cutting corners and giving me less cookies.
upon first opening the package, i was practically knocked backwards by the smell of the cookies
(thank goodness i was sitting)
but, that didn't save me from the wave of artificially sweet air that slapped me across the face
reminded me of the feeling i get when removing the lid and smelling a vanilla buttercream-scented candle
made me want to get my cookie quickly and close the package
oh, and regarding the cookie count and the potential trickery on nabisco's part?
i was right.
not typical oreo packaging of three long columns of cookies, jam-packed
instead, three short rows of cookies
googled how many cookies in a package of double stuf oreos -- 36
in the candy corn package, 20 cookies.

Please tune in tomorrow for part 2: The tasting and my final thoughts.

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