Friday, September 28, 2012

Soup-tember round-up!

Another great summer is in the books, and we've officially fallen for fall.  (Yep, I went there.)  The leaves are starting to turn, and I already one fall crafting project under my belt (to be shared next week).

I love love love this time of year because the days of sweating profusely and steering clear of the kitchen are finally over.  Oppressed no more!  Nothing says autumn quite like a pot full of something tasty bubbling away on the stove top, making the entire house smell as cozy as your prized pair of sweatpants feels.

Here are my favorite chili, soup, and stew recipes, perfect for a comforting weeknight dinner and just as yummy on a weekend.  No matter what you're craving -- brothy, creamy, healthy, hearty, spicy or even crunchy -- there's something to love for everyone!

Beef & chicken


Mostly meatless (can be vegetarian)

Is there a soup you don't see listed and would like me to make?  Let your appetite be heard and leave a comment!  I'm sensing this soup craving of mine is going to last for a few months, so I welcome any and all inspiration and suggestions :)

Have a fantastic weekend and enjoy the rest of September!

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