Friday, August 31, 2012

Labor-less Labor Day eats!

Why does it seem like Labor Day weekends involve so much planning, shopping, and cooking?  (I sense many of you mm-hmm'ing and nodding.)

I'm here to remind you that Labor Day was invented to pay tribute to and celebrate workers of all kinds and provide them with a day of rest and relaxation.  And, you know, give 'em one last chance to have a good ol' fashioned summer shindig!

Make it easy on yourself.  Fire up the grill and cook burgers and dogs.  Ask friends to each bring a side -- never underestimate the value of veggie tray -- and tell 'em you've got dessert covered.

Here are four labor-less sweet treats that require minimal prep time and yield maximum flavor:


Have a blast, rain or shine, and enjoy the long weekend!  :)  I'm pumped about the start of college football season (and the new recipes I'll have to share with you).  P-I-T-T, let's go Pitt!

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