Monday, December 19, 2011

12 days of cookies: Day 12 - Chewy chocolate chip

On the 12th day of cookies, my oven baked for me... the best chocolate chip cook-ieeeeee!  And, O.M.G., the best damn dough ever.  Raw eggs, you don't scare me :)

Listen, I know we're all very comfortable with the classic Toll House recipe, and it's certainly a worthy one.  But have you ever just wanted a little more out of the quintessential cookie?  A few years ago, encouraged by my then-boyfriend (now husband... so cah-razy!), I went on a search to find a recipe for super chewy chocolate chip cookies.  You know, similar in texture to the Keebler Soft Batch cookies but with less chemicals and more home-cooked flavor.

I totally found the instructions for said delights and, boy, did they deliver!  The cookies were oh-so-chewy without being underbaked, just what the man requested.  They are also a wonderful candidate for dunking in milk, sturdy enough not to fall apart into the bottom of the glass and just moist enough.  And, for me, I loved making the dough one night, letting it chill, and then scooping (sampling) and baking the next.  Perfect for busy weeknights. 

Here is the story of my chocolate chip-laced journey and the subsequent recipe.

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