Thursday, December 15, 2011

12 days of cookies: Day 11 - Chewy sugar cookies

11 days of cookies!  I can't think of a better way to spend that many days, other than a tropical vacation... which I'll be enjoying a week from tomorrow as Matt and I embark on our honeymoon.  But, until then, there are cookies to be shared, folks.

This next recipe is a real showstopper.  Since I first posted it almost two years ago, it has been the most searched for recipe on my blog.  Who knew something so simple could be such a showstopper?   Giant sugar cookies!

But not just any sugar cookie.  Don't picture those flavor-less doughy rounds on the shelves of your local grocery store.  Or those chalky crumbly numbers loaded with icing to mask the bland tasting cookies.  No no.   

These are sweet, chewy with a slight crunch from the sprinkling of sugar on top.  And the taste, not just sweet from the sugar, but a deep flavor of vanilla reminiscent of a big scoop of vanilla ice cream.  Come to think of it, these would make great ice cream sandwiches... yes, yes they would.  I may have just convinced myself what I'm baking tonight.  True story.  Hopefully, I've convinced you, too!  Here's the recipe.

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  1. Giant sugar cookie?! How do we know you just don't have a really small hand?

  2. I think I am responsible for like 80% of those searches! I make these several times a year for work :) BEST EVER!!

  3. can i use cream cheese instead of sour cream ? will it change the cookies ??

    1. Tessa -- in dips, you can substitute cream cheese for sour cream. For one cup of sour cream, replace with 6 ounces cream cheese plus 3 tablespoons milk, briefly whirled in a blender. Try this ratio with these cookies and let me know how it goes :) Good luck!

    2. Thx ! why do u use sour cream in the recipe any way ??