Monday, April 11, 2011

My very educational weekend

(That title makes me think of Scrubs.  Anyone else?)

It feels like it's been ages since I've done anything that could be loosely considered productive.  Yep, it was one of those weekends.  It began with a feeling of freedom -- "I can do whatever I want!" -- since there was no list of chores or errands to complete anywhere in my apartment (shocking, no?).  So full of energy and life.

And then it turned into a feeling of laziness -- "I don't want to do aaaaaaaaaanything." -- but it wasn't totally unwarranted (I'll explain shortly).

Despite my rollercoaster motivation levels, I did learn quite a few things this weekend.  Allow me to share...

1. It's good to step out of your box from time to time.  Not just good, but really fun and rewarding!  I'm not the biggest art fanatic, but I headed to Sugar Factory on Friday with some friends and had a totally rockin' time.  Live music all night long with wall to wall installations and an art auction, drinks, and fresh baked goods.  I even won a small piece in the Chinese auction -- sweet victory! :)

2. The 24-hour stomach flu is a very real thing.  And, by "very real thing" I mean "completely debilitating beast."  After previously-described fun night of culture, I was awoken at 4 early Saturday morning as some foreign virus waged war on my body.  I'll spare you the details, but trust me that nothing could've prepared me for this.  I haven't had a stomach flu for at least 10 years!  Thankfully, it was quick (indeed 24 hours) and my friendly neighborhood pharmacist/good friend came to the rescue with the advice of the century: 2a. Drink Pedialyte.  It replenishes fluids and electrolytes lost during sickness (think a less sugary Gatorade).  I'm partial to the grape flavor.

3. How to cook a perfect sunny side up egg.  Being a little timid with food on Saturday, I stuck with the basics because I needed to provide some fuel for my body that was running on empty.  I had a banana and one egg.  Needing a little happiness wherever I could find it, I opted to cook my egg neither scrambled nor over easy, but sunny side up.  How could something bright yellow not cheer one up? :)  I hate eggs, as my friend Natalie calls them, "snotty"... you know, when the white is still runny aka not cooked.  Here's the trick -- once egg is cooking in the skillet, cover pan loosely with a piece of foil (just place it flat on top) and give it another minute or two, checking occasionally, until the top is cooked and set.  Easy!

4. The Thomas Crown Affair is fantastic!  Entertaining, witty, and smart.  Great music, too.  Kind of reminded me of a Ocean's 11 a bit.  And, goodness, I've said it before and I'll say it again.  Pierce Brosnan is all kinds of charming, classy, and handsome.

5. Fresh air is the best medicine.  After all of the ups and downs of the weekend, I tried to spend as much as I could outside yesterday to enjoy the 80+ degree weather.  I walked, snagged a cool sweet treat (Razzy Fresh, of course), and, at one point, just laid in the grass in the park doing absolutely nothing.  My stomach wasn't quite feeling 100%, but it was worth it since I feel great today, thankfully!

How was your weekend?  Name one new thing that you learned!


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  2. I spent the weekend studying. Did you know that the first known tree on Earth was the Archaeopteris?