Wednesday, April 6, 2011

At last, my love has come along...

Remember when I proclaimed my love of Rice Krispies Treats Cereal for the whole interwebs to see?  (Hint: If you don't, click that link.)  And then asked begged anyone who happened upon it to buy the entire stock for me?  Yes, I was a desperate woman.

Well, a glorious thing happened as a result of that request.  One of those moments that makes me truly thankful to have a blog and be connected with the most fun and helpful people in the world.  Ask and you shall receive!

My coworker was at Wal-Mart on Sunday evening and spotted the purple box of my dreams.  Tucked away on a lower shelf was a column of Rice Krispies Treats Cereal boxes, 15 to be exact.  She kindly texted me with an accompanying picture asking if this was really it, to which I replied something like, "YES YES YES!  Thank you!  Ahhh!"  Who could've guessed the sight of three little elves could induce such joy.

A few more texts later, including one that was almost sent but deleted saying, "How many do I want... how many boxes do they have?", and my sweet colleague left the store with 4 boxes of the miracle cereal.  She delivered them to me at work the next day, and the rest is history.... just like the first box.

And, last but not least, happy birthday to my dear Mom! :o) 

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