Friday, August 13, 2010

A Friday kind of list

Because it's Friday, and I just can't fathom constructing well-transitioned paragraphs, we'll all just have to settle for an enthusiastic list :)

1. Another good run this morning, and somehow my times are getting faster as my mileage increases.  I have no idea how this is possible, but I'm going to chalk today's road runner show up to the fact that I took a break yesterday.  Let it be known that rest can be good, though good luck trying to get this girl to slow down for too long.  Also can't hurt that getting to see a sunrise against this backdrop puts me in such a good mood:

2.I had my first experience with the web bargain phenomenon Groupon... and it was fantastic!  If you aren't familiar with Groupon, it's a website that features daily deals, be they for restaurants, salons, or goods for roughly half the price.  Example -- I bought a $35 Groupon for the Common Plea Restaurant in downtown Pittsburgh for $15... practically stealing!  Rock!  Groupon is available for many cities, and deals change each day, so start checking and welcome to this not-so-secret world of paying so much less for things.  Have you tried Groupon?  What deals have you scored?

3. Common Plea Restaurant downtown.  Didn't take any pictures, so no full review, but wow, super impressed.  Laura and I were saying that they spared no details, in serving, clearing, even seating.  Well done!  We each had a small plate, which consists of three appetizers of your choice in smaller portions one (rather large, actually) plate, for $15 each and another full size appetizer for $6.  I ordered the tomato basil bruschetta, pesto grilled vegetables, and crab cake.  Highlight of the meal was our full-sized appetizer the angel hair onion rings with a bleu cheese light dipping sauce.  Heavenly!  Thankfully we were seated in the back room so we could clean out the dish :)  Seriously, we cleaned it out completely.  No crumb in sight a la the Grinch.  A small dessert (pecan-crusted ice cream with chocolate sauce) and tip and we were looking at a total cost (including Groupon purchase) of $17 for a very swanky dinner.  Bonus -- I would've never ventured to Common Plea without the help of Groupon.

4. Heading home to my parents' house for the weekend to enjoy the suburbs and then a lovely bridal shower on Sunday.  Looking forward to this weekend and here's hoping yours is fantastic, too! :)

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5. Dairy Queen now features mini Blizzards!!  MINI!  Or, should I say, mini. As seen in the bottom left of this picture.  Yep, this will definitely be happening tonight if I have anything to say about it :)

Today is National Filet Mignon Day!

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