Monday, August 30, 2010

"C" is for cookie

And that's good enough for me :)  Not only was this a gorgeous end of summer weekend, but it was a delicious one, too.  There were runs and walks, but not nearly enough to make up for these monstrous cookies.  On Saturday, Matt and I headed to Oakmont Bakery to pick up some sweets.  I was first there a month ago with Laura, as she introduced me to one of the best bakeries in Pittsburgh and their famous butter stars (holy cow, you must try them!)  I tried about 12 items then, so on this return trip I had an idea of what my favorite items were: maple frosted cinnamon roll, almond macarons, a mini croissant, and butter stars.  Some might think that I don't like buying bakery sweets, but just the opposite -- I love buying treats, especially ones that claim to be one of that business's signature items.  I get to appreciate another baker's hard work on something that I probably don't make very often myself. Win win!

When I suggested to Matt that we go, his reaction was lukewarm since he's not nearly as enthusiastic about dessert as I am.  And then we walked through the door -- the smells of freshly baked breads and the sight of a miniature pineapple upside down cake quickly revived him.

While I picked out my haul, I fell in love with a a Cookie Monster cookie sandwich -- sweet fluffy icing between two chewy chocolate chip cookies.  What a perfect Saturday afternoon snack!

As if that cookie sandwich wasn't enough for the day, I finally christened my new cake pans.  I made this cake for the viewing of the Emmy awards at Julie's on Sunday night.  And wow, I'm so thankful for the comments feature on Willams & Sonoma products -- per everyone's suggestions, I greased up those pans with Pam for baking like there was no tomorrow.

I used the W&S recipe, which yields a super dense cookie-like cake that thankfully popped right out of the pans.  The only thing I would do different next time is whisk everything together by hand, rather than using my mixer -- it created a few too many air bubbles.

But hey, you won't hear me complaining about any air bubbles when it comes to the final masterpiece.  Paired with the basic buttercream, this cake is dangerous, people!  I'm talking must-go-back-for-seconds dangerous.  And just so whimsical-looking!  You could try ice cream in the middle, or perhaps a peppermint filling around the holidays.  Maybe a pumpkin cake with maple cinnamon frosting?  Whohhhh, slow down, self.  Take a moment to enjoy the "fruits" of your labor.

And that I did!  All while rating actresses' dresses and, as Julie so eloquently put it, reconsidering that second piece of cake and being more motivated than ever to go for a run :)  Who were your favorites of the night?  Interestingly enough, both of my best-dressed were from Glee and even sporting the same hue: Lea Michele and Jayma Mays.

And hey, I think as far as award shows go, last night's was pretty good.  Jimmy Fallon was funny, the jokes were on target and no one lingered too long up at the podium.  Cookies and shiny pretty dresses.  I can't think of a better Sunday night before the work grind of Monday morning :)  Have a good one!

Today is National Toasted Marshmallow Day!