Friday, August 6, 2010

Spread a little love today

Happy Friday, friends!  Extra, extra!  Permit me a moment to brag about one of western PA's finest -- a Pittsburgh gal who has made it her mission to spread kindness wherever she goes.  If you're not familiar with Secret Agent L, I suggest you do yourself a favor and check out her awesome website, featuring details of each goodwill mission with pictures and witty commentary.  You see, she anonymously leaves little messages and small gifts (i.e. a $5 gift card, a batch of cookies) in random places for folks to find and perhaps brighten a day or two along the way.  She has even made national headlines for her acts of cheer and generosity, and rightfully so!  We could all take a page from SAL's book and spread some love :)

Speaking of spreading love, how about spreading some cheese love?  Oh my gosh, for some reason today, I woke up craving, needing, must have right now-ing mini Babybel Cheeses!  Have you ever had/seen them?

Miniature gems of smooth cheesy goodness.  I'm sensing an impromptu trip to the grocery store tonight to pick up some of these... and maybe a movie to watch tonight.  Any recommendations?  I have A Single Man and The Blind Side on my list but I'm open to suggestions.  I'm thinking a recharging/productive Friday night is in order after this hectic week.

Have a fantastic weekend!  It looks like there is a lot of cleaning in my horoscope but there may be some play awaiting me as a reward... woohoo!
Today is National Root Beer Float Day!

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