Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hurts so good

Do you find yourself clinging to certain exercises because they are familiar and easy?  I do that all too often.  I find a workout that I like and will be loyal to it for a year or so.  And when a few of those are in my repertoire, I can just pick one for the day and mindlessly go through the motions, knowing my muscles will remember what's next.  In fact, they're probably saying something like, "Oh, it's just you, beach body workout #2," while thinking, "No reason to get excited for this one.  Back to sleep, muscles."

Just as I resort to old favorites in the kitchen, it was time for something new.  A bright salad recipe, and now a new set of heart-pumping, muscle-burning exercises, complete with less-than-attractive facial expressions due to exertion.  This is my second week trying out a new workout routine, and boy oh boy, am I sore.  I'm doing this circuit three times, two days a week.  I'm due again tomorrow, and I'll confess that my legs are still a teensy bit tender from those side lunges and arms rubbery from the Zottman curl.  But so worth it.  And guys, no mocking here.  Just try this workout with appropriate weights and you'll feel it, too.

Do you have any go-to gym routines that you'd like to share?  Please do because I'm open to new ideas!

1 comment:

  1. The Four-athlon!
    (Yes, I know it should be Quadrathlon)
    11 min run
    11 min bike
    11 min row
    11 min swim