Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Favorite lunch snack

So, who watched the Glee season finale last night?!  And who had a tiny tear in her (or his) eye during their regionals number (not naming songs so as to not spoil it for the DVRers)?  I can't believe we have to wait four long months until the show returns... thankfully, Fox is treating us to reruns every Thursday this summer.  Score! :)  Now, to business as usual:

For some reason, my parents are under the impression that I'm some kind of insane health food junkie.  They jest about meals of tofu and lettuce.  Blech.  Dear family, if you only knew what I ate for lunch some days at my very adult 40-hour a week job.  Then you'd be really proud of your little girl :)  Or something along those lines.

Anyway, my lunches usually consist of some protein with veggies or a sandwich and an apple.  Call me old-fashioned, but I looooooove sandwiches.  But, every now and then I have a lapse in judgment and pack a salad.  I mean, aesthetically speaking, salads are so appealing.  They are colorful, healthy, and very filling.  Plus, I keep a bottle of salad dressing in the fridge at work, so I can dress that little meal, too!  Yesterday's lunch was a spinach salad with zucchini, grape tomatoes, grilled chicken, and cheddar cheese.  Sound good to you?  Yeah, it sounded good to me, too, at 7 in the morning.  And then lunchtime rolled around... I just wasn't having that salad.  In fact, I delayed my eating time over an hour simply because I did not want a salad.

I can enjoy green salads for dinner, potato and lentil salads any ol' time, even side salads with a juicy burger, but for some reason the idea of a lunchtime salad makes me ill.  Just seems so unsatisfying in the middle of the day, that giant pile of lettuce (even my beloved baby spinach) looming under a few delicious toppings.

Well, in case you're wondering, I did eat my salad begrudgingly, but not before I went out in search of a little elementary school lunchtime favorite - the Handi-Snack.  Do you remember those?

I saved it for last -- dessert, if you will.  And man oh man, why did I ever stop eating these?  Or, rather, why is it socially unacceptable for adults to enjoy these tasty little portable treats?  This totally hit the spot! 

What is/was your favorite school treat?  Or heck, your current lunchtime routine?  Are you a salad or sandwich connoisseur or a lover of leftovers?  Maybe you dine out regularly at noon?  I need some new ideas, so fess up, please!

(Oh, and if I had to say my all-time favorite lunch snack, it'd be string cheese.  Without a shadow of a doubt.  Best snack E-V-E-R.)


  1. I had 3 favorite lunch time treats:
    Nutty Bars
    Strawberry Chews (not sure of the actual name, they looked like strawberry Mentos but they were chewy.)
    Otis Spunkmeyer cookies

  2. Handi-Snacks and Gel-Oozes were a staple of my lunch. In case you don't remember, Gel-ooze was basically a Squeeze-It filled with jello. My friends and I used to wait until someone took a drink/bite and then we'd squeeze it really hard so they would choke a little bit.

    Ah, elementary school.