Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday Five: Spring cleaning

TGISF!  Surprise Fridays always make me smile (and make working a Saturday seem totally worth it).  I got the day started by sleeping in until nearly 7 -- lazy bum alert!  Since the husband has the car at school and swim practice until the evening, I'm hanging around the apartment for the day.

Being home-bound,  I'm taking the opportunity to do some major spring cleaning around these parts, as well as catching up on bills, gift-wrapping, and laundry.  I'd much rather spend Friday getting things checked off my "must do" list, so that I have Saturday and Sunday to indulge in my "want to do" list.  Catch my drift?  

For this week's Friday Five, here are some of my favorite and inexpensive upgrades to make everything from your home to your body feel shiny and new, ready for spring!

1. 90s Pop Radio - My latest obsession on Pandora Internet radio.  Whenever you're faced with domestic tasks that don't exactly scream "fun" on their own, play some great tunes.  Dusting while dancing just seems so much more fun :)

2. Baking soda - Spending under a buck on a familiar gold box of Arm & Hammer may not be the kind of fancy upgrade you were envisioning, but it'll pay dividends when combined with a little elbow grease.  I've used baking soda to clean sinks, tubs, toilets, stovetop burner rings, and even the garbage disposal.  A quick Google search will yield umpteen ways to use baking soda around the house.  Here are 27 ways to get you started.  Cheap and non toxic!

3. Ditch the dated stuff - Once things are clean, I can get crazy with organizing: sorting, folding, and tossing.  I don't know about you, but I tend to put on my blinders during the winter and wind up keeping things past their due date: spices, condiments, medicine, and even coupons.  Combing through them is worth it, especially when I don't have to rifle through a heaping stack of expired coupons in the grocery checkout line.  #oldladyalert

4. Revive yourself - It's what on the inside that counts, right?  After you've tackled everything around you, take some time to focus on yourself!  I stumbled on this list a few days ago and have been incorporating these foods into my daily meals.  My favorite and the easiest?  Fresh lemon juice.  In cold water at meals or after a workout, or heated in a mug with a dash of honey for a morning wake-up or evening cozy-up.  As for dark leafy greens, I've gone Popeye this week and have an irresistable recipe to share with you next week!

5. Fresh flowers - After a day of buzzing about, it's super encouraging to look around at a spotless home.  But, there's one thing that would make it even better, and that's a vase of cheerful flowers.  For as little as $5, you can pick up a bright bouquet from a neighborhood floral shop or, if you're near a city, a corner flower vendor.  Save this little errand for last and look at it as a pretty reward for your hard work and the official kick-off to the weekend.

Time to hit publish and whip this place into shape.  Bowling, dinner date, and shopping for sandals are serving as major motivators on the "want to do" list for the weekend :)  Have a spring-y one!

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