Monday, April 29, 2013

"If this game goes into triple OT, the wedding is delayed."

Just a few pictures since my camera and I were separated most of the wedding day...

Miss Julie and I post-rehearsal en route to dinner.

Proud M.O.B. didn't miss a single moment.

Matt and I enjoying a delicious dinner at Sonoma Grille.  Appetizers included wild mushroom flatbread, pulled pork crostini with goat cheese and apple, and mini crab cakes.

Julie and Bryan making merry with friends at dinner.  I ordered the Korean BBQ shrimp with farro and edamame salad... TDF!

Dessert was certainly one of the most unique dishes I've ever had, thanks in part to the topping of pink peppercorn ice cream.  Crazy!  The chilled blueberry tart with a shortbread crust definitely satisfied my sweet tooth.

Sweet parents and their beautiful bride.  Julie's dress was simply stunning, and she just glowed from the inside out!  I have no words.

After vows were exchanged and the bridal party posed for pictures outside (BTW, most gorgeous weather ever... 68 and sunny... in April... in Pittsburgh!), we headed inside for cocktails, introductions, and dinner! 

The loveliest :)

Mr. & Mrs. cutting their wedding cake.  (I love how the subtle design on the cake matched that of Julie's dress!)  Chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream!

And then it was time to dance, dance, dance the night away!  A little Kelly Clarkson for nostalgia's sake -- "Since U Been Gone" is our favorite and we even have a ridiculous dance to accompany it. 

Barely the tip of the iceberg, but I just had to share with you.  There are so many things I want to say about this weekend's festivities but very few words to properly express them, so I'll make this short and sweet -- the entire wedding weekend was a total blast!  The love between these two and for these two from families and friends was incredible.  I feel so blessed that I was a part of the most important day in their lives.  Thank you and I love you, both! :o)

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  1. Late in responding, but a tear-worthy post for me. At least I got to see some wedding pics!