Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Ready, set, whittle!

Raise your hand if you're feeling in need of a bright and fresh salad and a quality sweat session to give your body a break from those sugary Easter basket contents?

Oooh!  Pick me, pick me!

I'm right there with ya.  This is a no judgement zone, friends.  Those Whopper Mini Robin Eggs didn't stand a chance.  But, I managed to exercise some willpower and only ate one small carton of them.  Only.  I asked Matt to hide the remaining bag of them.  Now that is what I call real love.

I decided to make this week one of detox and "spring cleaning" if you will, despite the snow that briefly fell from the Pittsburgh sky.  A week of healthy eating, plenty of sleep, and a renewed enthusiasm for exercising. Even the most dedicated fitness fanatics get bored with routines, so I was inspired to shake things up a bit and try something new!

Here's a circuit workout I created on the fly yesterday after a 20 minute warm-up on the elliptical.   This workout gets its name because each circuit contains an upper body strength move, a core strength move, and a heart-pumping fat-burning cardio move.  I had so much fun doing this because all the hopping around made me feel like a kid again.  Plus, those quick bursts of different exercises made time absolutely fly!

Give it a whirl and I promise that you'll be thinking of sun, tank tops, and summer in no time because the sweat will be pourin' off of ya :)

Top, Middle, Whittle! Circuit
(Complete each circuit 3 times without any rest between exercises.  Rest 30 seconds after circuit before beginning the next one.)

15 bicep curls
20 reverse crunches
25 jumping jacks

15 tricep extensions
15 pike crunches on ball
15 burpees

15 single arm rows (each side)
15 seated Russian medicine ball twists
30 skaters (15 each side)

15 push-ups
15 side bends with plate (each side)
25 jumping jacks

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