Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Last minute bites to feed a crowd

It's the day before Thanksgiving.  I really can't believe it!  If you're hosting the special feast tomorrow, I hope all of your plans go off without a hitch and there are no epic turkey day mishaps -- save those for another house and another family to be shared with rest of the country on the evening news, right? :)

With the focus on the main meal, it seems like dinner the night before and "warm-ups" on Thanksgiving day become a total afterthought.  I don't know how some folks basically fast for 12 hours -- I've gotta eat!  Nibbling on light meals will keep your stomach from shrinking and, inevitably filling up prematurely.  Plus, you know, hungry people tend to become cranky people.  Just say no to the angry mob!

If you're expecting company before the big turkey dinner and looking to feed them without stuffing them (or making a frantic call to the local pizzeria), here are some great recipes.  All of these can be made in a flash without lots of extra work and can be enjoyed while roaming and mingling about the house!

  • Coconut chicken - try smaller strips or even nugget-size pieces with dipping sauces!

Though pies a plenty are tough to resist, make it easier on you and your guests by having some relatively guilt-free sweets handy to cap off the evening.  Bonus: all three can be made ahead and don't require an oven!


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