Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Treat yourself today!

...to one of these cool sweets!

Don't hesitate because the calendar says so -- it's national ice cream sandwich day!   Whether you buy one of the classics (pictured above) or you make your own... don't these look amazing? 

Check out some great recipes here, here, over there, way over there, and even here! 

My all-time favorite ice cream truck purchase has gotta be the chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich.  Of course they were always the most expensive, but I didn't care.  I'd still shell out big bucks for these on a hot day at the beach :)

What's your favorite ice cream truck treat/sandwich?


  1. I like the traditional ice cream sammich or the strawberry chief crunchie (aka strawberry shortcake bar).

  2. Love the sammich but off the truck I'd have to say toasted coconut pop.

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