Thursday, July 1, 2010

24 Dazzling recipes for July 4th!

Happy July!  Can you believe it's already July?  Whew.  I was hoping that today would be a very relaxing easy day because, even though it's Thursday, it feels like Friday to me (holla no work tomorrow!).  But, of course, that's a recipe for a super jam-packed day with a lengthy to-do list and a scattered brain that would disturb even the most flighty person :)  Thankfully I made cookies so a little treat here and there is doing wonders for my energy.  (Is sugar really the answer?  I guess we'll find out in an hour or two.)

Another reason I'm all over the place is that I'm excited for this weekend.  Visitors are coming to Pittsburgh!  You know what that means -- I'll be busy in the kitchen tonight and tomorrow before they arrive.  I'm starting to see the advantages of an online archive of many of my culinary adventures because I love that I can sort through recipes when I need ideas.  In need of some suggestions?  Take a look:

Having overnight guests and need some easy breakfast ideas?  I'm a big fan of make-ahead meals, especially in the morning so you can converse casually with loved ones over tea and coffee, nibbling on light morning fare, rather than standing in front of a hot oven.  And some of these are even patriotic with surprise bits of red and blue, double bonus!

So you've got the burgers/sausages/hot dogs/steaks/kabobs/whatever main dish picked out but are unsure of what to make to go along with it for side dishes?  Something that you can make ahead and serve when necessary but that's way more exciting than the traditional yawn of potato salads and baked beans?  Try any of these:

What would a celebration be without dessert?  Our forefathers would've manned up a heck of a lot sooner had they known any of these treats would be served at a celebration of this country's independence, ha!

Last day of work before a four day weekend!  TGIT :)

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