Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Dippy eggs over greens & mushrooms

As detailed here, this weekend was a bit of a gluttony fest.  Oh, you better believe I relished every single second of it, be it the fried potato pancakes or the various cold treats or the heaping piles of lobster.  But I found myself craving a light simple breakfast on Saturday morning before the onslaught of food began for that day.  And, since I hadn't yet been to the grocery store (bananas, oh how I miss thee!), I was working with very limited supplies.  Somewhere, possibly in Julia Child's My Life in France or an Ina Garten article, I once read about a type of salad the French serve featuring sunny side up eggs over mixed greens.  Sounded a little odd, but I had the goods to try it for myself.

And boy, was it exactly what I wanted.  Mixed greens, a few sliced raw mushrooms, a drizzle of balsamic vinegar, two dippy eggs, and a little salt and pepper.  That's it.  Yum!  Breaking the yolk and letting it dribble over the crunchy lettuce, mm.  I never thought I'd want a salad for breakfast, but this felt so satisfying and even a little high brow :)  A quick tip for cooking eggs like this -- a pan over low heat and eventually covering the pan for a minute or two, so the heat circulates and cooks the top of the egg, too. 

What do you call eggs that look like that (above)?  Dippy?  Sunny side up?  Or something else? People always laugh when I call them dippy eggs, but that's what I grew up hearing, so that's what they shall forever be!

Today's going to be another hot (94 degrees) and humid (75%) day in the city of bridges.  About 5 minutes into my morning run, sweat was literally dripping off my face.  It was totally worth it, though, since there was a cold bowl of overnight oats waiting for me after my cold morning shower.  Yum :)  I'm going to wager that tonight's dessert will probably involve some neglected as of late popsicles...

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