Tuesday, July 6, 2010

All-American weekend recap

Happy Tuesday!  So who needs another day to recharge from the holiday weekend?  [raises both hands emphatically, a la Hermione Granger]  This girl for sure.  Four, count 'em - FOUR! - days of hot sun, classic American food, city fun, and visitors galore!

Friday was my favorite kind of day, filled with some productivity and even more fun.  Since you already heard about my morning, I'll tell you that Matt's family arrived just in time for lunch and we headed to Point Brugge Cafe for some eats (the ultra tender steak frite for me).  After lunch, Matt's family headed off to the baseball game to witness Pgh's own Pirates crush the Phillies, while I came home to finish painting some trim around my apartment.  That little task has physically been on my to-do list for at least 3 months (and mentally, about 2 years).  Coat #1, check.  Needed some dry time in there, so I strolled to Razzy Fresh for a treat, and got home to complete coat #2 before sleep.  Early to bed because Saturday was going to be a busy little bee kind of day.

...starting with some OnDemand yoga and a little cleaning up before lunch at Hofbrauhaus!  Have any of you ever been there?  Just another reason to visit Pittsburgh -- this spot is only one of three locations in the country!  Two times in one week, I know, we're a little spoiled/obsessed with this place.

Funny moment when poor Matt and his friend actually hugged the giant metal tanks that had been outside in the scorching sun all day.  Boy geniuses, I tell you :)  So here they are almost touching the tanks, having been burned (literally) the first time.  From the HBH, we headed to PNC Park for another Pirates. vs. Phillies game, where the latter pummeled the former.  Thankfully, a 5th inning treat of cookies and cream Dip 'n Dots turned out to be the highlight of the game.  Post-game fireworks in shades of red, white and blue over the river were the perfect end to a fantastic day.  When I got to bed, man, I crashed hard, folks.  I'd venture to say that I was asleep in under 5 minutes.  Old lady alert!

Sunday was a totally different kind of day than the jam-packed thrilling Saturday; Independence Day was the ultimate lazy day, perfect for spending with my parents.  We headed to the Strip District for lunch, to a place that's been on my restaurant to-try list for ages: Roland's Seafood Grill.  They are known for their lobster roll, so can ya guess what my dad and I each ordered?  Yessssssss!

Oh heavenly sandwich.  Heavenly affordable sandwich!  I love lobster and would eat it every day if I could, but it's a little pricey to eat even every week or monthly, so I try to save it for special occasions.  However, after having this lunch for $15, I might have to rewrite my lobster frequency rule!  The bread, hailing from Mancini's, was chewy and crusty with a touch of sweet, while the lobster... holy chunks of lobster!  Merely drizzled with melted butter, that's it.  The creative minds over at Apple have proven that there's something so desirable about simplicity (hello, look at the iPod) and this sandwich was a study in minimalism.  This was no lobster salad drenched in mayonaise and seasonings, just the basics.

After the eating and people watching, we poked our heads into the few shops that weren't closed for the holiday, and headed over to the South Side for milkshakes.  Creamsicle for me, chocolate for my mom, and moose tracks for my dad.  What a sweet afternoon.  My parents headed home to beat the insane traffic around the city, and since I wasn't feeling well, I stayed home to read this month's book club pick and watch fireworks on TV in the much-needed A/C.  Perfect day for me :)

Monday was pretty lazy, too -- said goodbye to the last of the visitors and lifted the self-imposed grocery ban.  That means fruits and vegetables are back, and I can cook some awesome dinners.  Woohoo!  Oh, and caught a few minutes of The Bachelorette and even more of the Jake/Vienna interview... can I get a collective "what the heck?"  Those two are RIDICULOUS!!  Talk about a train wreck and assault on the ears listening to them bicker.  But, clearly I didn't turn it off immediately... woops.  Anyway, back to work today.  Fingers crossed for lots of energy.  Hope everyone has recovered from the weekend!

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