Monday, October 27, 2014

Meal plan + 5th blogging birthday!

You guys.  You guys!  Do you know what today is?

It's Monday.

Which is the first work day after the weekend.
And Matt's new night off from coaching .

It's also one of two nights out of the week that we eat at the dining room table (gulp).

It's Gotham night on TV.

And formerly Gossip Girl night (still love Blair Waldorf after all this time)

It can't possibly be the beginning of the last week of October... but it is.

Oh, and how could I forget?  It's my little blog's 5th birthday! :)  (You should make this cake to celebrate.)

Five years ago today, I stumbled around the interwebs, looking for an easy program to start what the kids were calling a "blog."  Five years ago today, I had zero followers, minimal skill, a hunger (both literal and figurative) to become a better baker and cook.  Five years ago today, I (a bit nervously) started sharing my adventures, successes, and mishaps.  Five years ago, I met you!

You wonderful people who have become my friends, cheerleaders, testers, critics, and supporters.  Thank you for reading, eating, and laughing along with me.  You've made this more fun than I ever could've imagined.

From the bottom of my heart (and stomach), thank you! :)

Here's last week's dinner menu.  Be sure to check back tomorrow for one more sweet Halloween treat!

Weekly Meals: October 19th - 25th

Sunday: Garlic, parsley & panko-crusted cod with corn & carrots
Monday: Burgers with sweet potato fries
Tuesday: Tomato basil chicken with pasta and roasted broccoli
Wednesday: Maple dijon roasted potatoes, apples & chicken sausage (recipe coming this week!)
Thursday: Garlic & rosemary pork chops with brown rice & green beans
Friday: Leftovers
Saturday: (Tailgating - hot dogs & toppings bar, baked beans)


  1. Happy Anniversary and to many more! This cake looks phenomenal, Katy; so chocolatey and fudgy :)

    1. Thanks, Dana! :) It's The Pioneer Woman's epic Best Chocolate Sheet Cake. You must try it!

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