Thursday, July 14, 2011

Salmon with basil aioli

How do you turn a relatively basic meal into something gourmet and restaurant menu-worthy?  Dress it up with a homemade sauce -- basil aioli!

I love the word aioli -- pronounced eye-oh-lee -- because it sounds so sophisticated and foreign.  Truth is that what it describes is very simple: garlic mayonnaise.  Many chefs and restaurants refer to any flavored mayonnaise as an aioli, but this is a little misleading.  Technically, it can only be considered an aioli if garlic is present.  Right.

How does one exactly come up with the idea for basil aioli?  Let's just say I had some leftover basil from last week's summery pasta dinner and couldn't stomach the thought of it going to waste.  Makes sense, no?  And, as produce starts rolling into the stores and markets, fresh as can be, you'll surely be seeing loads of basil.

As for how to put it together, well, I won't insult you by detailing a long recipe.  Here's how you do it:

1. Chop fresh basil.
2. Mince some garlic.
3. Mix both with some prepared mayonnaise of your choice.
4. Taste and adjust accordingly.  (Remember, you can always add more of both, so start small.)
5. Serve and enjoy!

Yep, told you it was easy.  As for what the aioli did for the salmon?  Sent it into the stratosphere!  Salmon has a relatively mild flavor, and the basil and garlic gave it a flavor punch that made me think I was dining at a four star establishment.  Another (less formal but equally delicious) suggestion for the aioli is a dipping sauce for french fries.  Yum!!

Completely unrelated but I shall leave you with a quote that made me laugh while moving this weekend.  "You know, most people moving take a box of condiments and that's it.  I looked in your refrigerator and saw bacon and fresh basil.  Only Katy would do that." -Bryan, a very helpful mover

Have a wonderful Thursday and happy Harry Potter Eve to many of you! :)

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