Monday, July 11, 2011

Moving recap!

After months of anticipation and weeks days of packing, I moved into a new apartment this weekend!  Goodbye small poorly-lit abode with mysterious angled walls and awful carpet from the '70s:

Hello new spacious clean and super bright digs!  (This is part of the living room, FYI.)

Being out of town for the 4th of July weekend meant that I didn't start packing until Tuesday evening.  "You are crazy!" I heard from so many friends.  "Pffff, piece of cake, you wait and see."  In the back of my mind, I was a little worried that I wouldn't get everything boxed up in time, but I was sure to put on a brave front because I am Katy, queen of organization.  Right?

Right!  Believe it or not, I think I've discovered the key to packing for a big move -- don't start too early!  The earlier you start, the more time you'll spend bobbing and weaving around stacks of boxes in your current place.  Plus, the boxes won't be nearly as organized since you'll need to leave out items you use on a daily or weekly basis.  A second key to moving?  Though it seems obvious, label, label, label!  (I really loved this last part.)

On Friday night after work, Matt and I moved my clothes, small electronics (computer, TV, mixer), and some awkward kitchen boxes.  To say that I have a lot of kitchen tools would be the understatement of the year.  Hands down.  As we unloaded the car, I noticed something fishy.

"Wait, where did that beer come from?"
"Oh, I picked it up for tomorrow.  You know, to thank the guys for helping us.  To go with the pizza."
"But it'll be hot!  Everyone's going to want water, duh."
"It's never too hot for beer."
"Right.  Sure.  Okay..."

Three trips later, we were starving and decided to whip up a quick din-... nope, couldn't do that.  Instead, we headed into Oakland to begin my 24 hours of fast food: McDonald's.  We were famished and the idea of waiting more than 3 minutes for dinner seemed impossible.  A chicken McNugget Happy Meal saved my day :)  We made one more trip and did some unpacking of the kitchen items and called it a night.  Major rest was needed for the next day's big moving trip.

Or so we thought.  Never in the history of moving (or at least, my experience with it) has the process gone so darn smoothly!  The weather was perfect -- not rainy or toooooo hot early in the day.  Matt picked up the truck at 9:00 while our friends arrived and munched on Dunkin' Donuts munchkins until he returned.  Thank goodness for strong men...

And cheery, organized girls directing traffic!

We filled the truck and only needed one trip to the new place... that was .7 miles away.  Totally clutch.  A few trips up to the apartment, aided by elevators -- thank goodness! -- and we were finished by 10:30am.  That's it!  Only 90 minutes.  Then it was time to chill out with some good ol' fashioned pizza and beers:

Everyone relaxed for a few hours and headed home.  I set up the bedroom and, when I came out to show Matt what I'd done, this is what I found:

Not to disturb sleeping beauty and still stuffed from the pizza, I made a quick trip to the grocery store and settled on a light dinner.  Since the TV and Internet aren't hooked up yet, I decided to spend my evening with a good book:

And a rockin' new view of the city:

Welcome home, indeed :)  Hope all of you had a delightful weekend!

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