Friday, May 6, 2011


It's Friday!  And that means tomorrow is Saturday, and the day after that is Sunday... when I leave for Savannah, Georgia, on a little vacation!  I can hardly contain my excitement and all of the clock-watching that I'll be doing will make today and tomorrow last an eternity.

Even though I'll be gone until Wednesday night without computer access, I have been working ahead and have three DYNAMITE recipes waiting in the wings for you!  Rather than tell you what to expect, I thought a illustrative preview would get tongues wagging.

Up first on Monday:

And for Tuesday, oh just you wait.

Finally, what's in store for Wednesday:

Any guesses, detectives?  Nothing too tricky, but the middle one may give you some trouble.

In the meantime, let's hope that I can get my allergies under control before my trip.  By the way, thanks for all of your suggestions about things to do in Savannah!  Have a fantastic weekend, and I look forward to sharing all the details (and pictures) with you when I return :)

One Year Ago: Chocolate pound cake (Wouldn't you know that this is a Paula Deen recipe? Oh the coincidence!)


  1. Don't forget to pick up a Savannah accent while you are there.

  2. Thank you, Matt! I updated the post to include a little something :)

  3. Are those homemade peeps on Wednesday? Enjoy your vacation!