Tuesday, May 24, 2011

She knew not what she was doing...

I worked this past Saturday.  Before you start thinking, "Oh, Katy, you had to work on Saturday and the rain-free day this week!", stop right there! 

As I've said before, working on Saturdays only happens occasionally, and the real perk is that I earn a vacation day to use the next week.  Especially awesome this week when Monday is a holiday.  I smell a four day weekend :)  So, I actually like working these days!

But, back to Saturday.  Long ago someone started the tradition of bringing in treats and snacks for everyone to munch while they worked.  Far be it from me to get in the way of tradition.  We had bananas, yogurt, sunflower seeds, cookies, and Cheez-Its (only the best kind -- white cheddar!).  A very nice, semi-balanced spread... at least for a weekend.

And then my coworker went and did something.  Something magical.  She knew not what she was starting when she brought these to us:

Kraft Starmallows

and chocolate Teddy Grahams

She had s'mores on the brain and picked up these, hoping they'd be a little more office-friendly than graham crackers, marshmallows, chocolate bars, and fire :) 

Oh. My. Lord. 

Eaten separately they are delicious.  But, eaten together -- preferably in a teddy-starmallow-teddy sandwich -- they taste just like s'mores!  Three of us almost polished off the entire supply in a mere 7 hours.  We just couldn't stop!  The chocolate and graham cracker combination-flavored cookies with the fluffy marshmallows were a dead ringer for a campfire s'more but indoors!  Had it been possible to set up an IV drip of Teddy Graham Starmallow sandwiches, we would've discovered it by now.  So damn good!

In other words, you must try this immediately.  Forget a bottle of wine or a casserole as a picnic contribution this weekend, take a box o' Teddy Grahams and Starmallows to steal the show :)  Like I said, my dear coworker didn't know what she was getting herself into with these, but we'll never forget it.

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